Announcing the 2015 'Ready to Rocket' and 'Emerging Rockets' Lists

by Bianca Bartz 1 year ago

Ready to Rocket, a business recognition program for BC’s tech sector that showcases the Revenue Growth Leaders of Tomorrow, announced its 2015 Ready to Rocket and Emerging Rockets lists last week.

The annual list provides predictions of private tech companies focused on Information and Communications Technology (ICT), CleanTech, and Life Science that are likely to experience significant growth, investment, or notable acquisitions within the next year. This year’s ICT Emerging Rockets list included HIGHLINE portfolio companies Bitlit and FoodeeFarm At Hand made the 2015 Cleantech Emerging Rockets list, and ePACT made the 2015 Ready to Rocket ICT List.

“The technology sector continues to grow in B.C. and presents a growing challenge to select and identify the most likely to succeed,” says Geoffrey Hansen, Managing Partner at Rocket Builders. “Ten years ago, the list only featured ICT companies, and that was the fastest growing segment of the technology sector. Now, both the Life Science sector and the CleanTech sector have established themselves as equal partners in driving revenue, employment and investment opportunity in B.C.”

Ready to Rocket 2015

Image via VentureLabs

The complete 2015 Ready to Rocket list:

  • Bitlit Media
  • Burton Software Inc. (Icicle)
  • EDP Software Envisio Solutions Inc.
  • Foodee Media Inc.
  • FusionPipe Software Solutions Inc.
  • Giftbit
  • Invionics
  • lazymeal Inc.
  • Marine Learning Systems Inc.
  • Monexa Services, Inc.
  • myBestHelper™ Solutions Inc.
  • Optigo Networks Inc.
  • Parkbench
  • Pinshape
  • Inc
  • Scoop® MAE
  • Send with Us
  • StreetText
  • TeamFit (Nugg Solutions Corp.)
  • Thinkific Labs Inc.
  • TSO Logic Inc.
  • Vandrico Solutions Inc.
  • Victory Square Games Inc.
  • Vidigami Inc.
  • Wimatek Systems, Inc.
  • Youneeq