PROCURIFY is a Cloud-Based Procurement and Spend-Management Solution

by Bianca Bartz 1 year ago

PROCURIFY is a cloud-based procurement and spend-management solution. The Richmond, B.C.-based company is focused on developing simple and efficient solutions to manage direct and indirect company spending using real-time, simple-to-generate reports and data visualizations.

They also put a strong focus on security. “PROCURIFY uses the same security certification and encryption like your bank does, on all your accounts,” the website explains. “We always transmit your information securely. We use Google App Engine with advanced security features that ensure data backup and privacy.”

The idea for Procurify came when then-students Aman Mann, Eugene Dong, and Kenneth Loi were placed together to consult a Vancouver-based business on their internal processes as part of a BCIT class project. In November 2012, the Procurify team joined Growlab (now HIGHLINE). In April 2014, Procurify raised their seed round from VCs that included the BDC, Nexus Ventures, and Mark Cuban.


Meet the Co-Founders

Aman Mann is Procurify’s Co-Founder & CEO and is strongly focused on building an excellent product experience, achieving customer success, and supporting a strong team. Outside of Procurify, he is Co-Chair of BCTIA’s peer2peer Startup Group, which brings together early-stage tech startup founders to share information and challenges, and learn from experts.

As the CTO & Co-founder of Procurify, Eugene Dong leads the technical team’s development of Procurify’s code and infrastructure; he also coordinates between the business and technical sides of the team.

Co-Founder & COO of PROCURIFY Kenneth Loi is responsible for overseeing internal operations and specializes in product management and customer relations. A digital media design and 3D animation grad, he has a passion for design, as well as the continued growth of the company and Procurify’s mission.

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