Content: A Means to an End for Startups

by Brittany Whitmore, Director of Communcations for Procurify 1 year ago

So, you’ve already built a great brand for your startup. The next question is how to communicate what that brand stands for in a meaningful way to your target audience while also keeping in mind the overarching goals of the company.

When building a strategy for brand publishing, the first step is to segment your audience into groups with different end goals in mind. Typically, for a startup, this will include goals such as brand evangelism, investment, product purchase or attracting talent. Each of these goals will vary in importance at different times.

1. Brand Evangelism

Brand evangelism is important because your potential clients will always trust the opinion of a third party first. And naturally, every person who sings the praises of the company adds to its momentum. For this, ensure that the team is actively promoting product review websites and creating content collaboratively with satisfied customers. This can include presentations, webinars, testimonials and more. Clients can be persuaded to take part not only to sing the praises of the product, but also to position themselves as thought leaders among their own peers, especially when your product is highly innovative.

2. Investment

While not necessarily a goal of every startup, securing investment is definitely a common and important one for many, if not most. It’s important for the startup to communicate the value of what it’s building, whether for an eventual IPO, financing, or simply to build the company’s credibility with larger clients. Press coverage, promotion of star clients, and blog posts about the company’s global momentum and team growth can all help achieve this.

3. Product Purchase

Obviously, growing a customer base is important, so content devoted to the product features, benefits (quantified whenever possible), and instructional tutorials can help potential clients figure out whether or not your product just might be the right fit for them. I would recommend having the sales team touch base with leads wherever possible, as sometimes potential clients will disqualify themselves based on what they read when the product actually could have been a great fit.

4. Attracting Talent

With more customers comes more work, so if you’ve done the first three of these right, the team will probably need to grow! Showcasing the company culture and people can help attract talent that mutually resonates with your brand. It’s not just money that gets the best people, it’s also a great work environment. Social media and blog updates that feature what the team is up to can offer insight into what life is like at the company.

Brand publishing can take infinite forms, from magazines to blog posts to webinars and beyond. But content for content’s sake is not the best strategy. The key is to keep in mind your end goals, then ensure all content is produced with those goals in mind.

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