Profile: Vancouver Tech Entrepreneur Mike Edwards

by Bianca Bartz 3 years ago

Mike Edwards was the former Executive Director of GrowLab, and continues to be involved with HIGHLINE’s portfolio companies in an advisory capacity. Mike is also on the board of directors for Launch Academy, and is far from a stranger in the Vancouver startup ecosystem.

A lifelong entrepreneur who is drawn to adventure and innovation, Mike has been starting and investing in tech companies for over 20 years. He is currently CEO of Mobio Technologies Inc., which builds social media products (like Strutta, SailMail, and Promotions API) that focus on conversions and engaging customer experiences. Mobio is also the parent company of MobioINsider, a media company for social influencers that offers a communication platform that rewards high rates of fan engagement.

Mike is enthusiastic about connecting with — and investing in — smart people with big ideas, and loves helping entrepreneurs take their dreams from napkin sketches to thriving businesses. His investments include over 40 startups, including Punch’d (acquired by Google), Summify (acquired by Twitter), Wander (acquired by Yahoo), AreaConnect (acquired by Marchex), PassWordBox (acquired by Intel), as well as HIGHLINE portfolio companies Battlefy, Wantering, Foodee, CineCoup, and BlueBat Games.

As a team member of Startup Visa Canada, Mike is actively involved in growing and supporting the Canadian startup community and connecting local entrepreneurs with the right investors, mentors and influencers in Silicon Valley and New York, as well as in Europe and Asia.

When not building high growth tech companies, Mike can be found hanging out with his family in Whistler enjoying the local trails. He is also an avid cyclist and athlete, and has participated in several Ironman competitions.

Famous words:

“I failed at retirement. In retirement, I opened four cafés in Whistler – the Lift Coffee Company – I opened up a restaurant in Kitsilano, called Kits Daily, I built a couple of houses, I day-traded a little bit, I did six ironmen [competitions], and the long and short of it was I drove my wife crazy.” – Business in Vancouver

“I’m married to the same woman that I’ve been with for 25 years,” he said. “An entrepreneurial cycle is crazy, and to be able to stay together during all those ups and downs, I’m incredibly proud of that. I’ve got kids who still dig me and still want to do stuff with me.” – Business in Vancouver (on his greatest accomplishment).