GrowLab + Extreme Startups Merge to Become HIGHLINE

by Bianca Bartz 2 years ago

When we first announced the merger that resulted in HIGHLINE, the news generated a lot of media attention, including from key Canadian tech publications and major national media.

In an August 19 article titled Extreme Startups, GrowLab Ventures fuse into new accelerator, the Financial Post interviewed our CEO Marcus Daniels on the details of the merger between GrowLab Ventures in Vancouver and Toronto-based Extreme Startups.

“We’re pretty much combining the best founders, institutional investors and ecosystem partners right above the Canadian highline,” Daniels told the Financial Post. “That’s the first stage in broader co-operation to create a Canadian powerhouse that takes on the world.”

The article goes on to lay out the details of the new pan-Canadian accelerator, including stats on our portfolio (which holds 40 active companies that have raised over $27M in follow-on funding), our VC-backing (like BDC Capital and Relay Ventures), and our board of directors, which comprises Canadian investors and serial entrepreneurs.

Read the full Financial Post article here.