Twitter Q&A With HIGHLINE's Founder/CEO

by Bianca Bartz 2 years ago

HIGHLINE’s Founder/CEO Marcus Daniels has been actively answering your questions on Twitter, covering topics like Startup Visa, what he looks for in a founder, IP, and the KPIs that matter. To capture some of that social dialogue and insight, we pulled together a few of his latest comments from a recent Twitter chat.

1) What are the top three traits you look for when investing in a founder?

Ambition, passion, and ability to execute.

2) HIGHLINE has two HQs, and you spend a lot of time in both Vancouver and Toronto, as well as investor trips to SF and NYC. You also have portfolio companies whose teams are spread out geographically. What advice do you have on effectively managing a remote team?

Work with entrepreneurial leaders who take initiative and are great communicators, and empower them on goals.

3) Why is it important for founders to build relationships outside their own cities?

Ambitious businesses needs customers, partners, and talent outside of their own hubs to grow.

4) Regarding the Startup Visa Program, how does HIGHLINE get to know foreign startups?

If they are a fit, we start an online conversation. We also have strong referral partners.

5) When you invest, what importance do you place on the security of the company’s IP?

Very little when it comes to digital products — traction is much more important than IP.

6) In B2C companies, what do you look for in terms of traction? Number of users? Conversions? Something else?

KPIs vary, but we focus around where value is created. User engagement > vanity metrics.

Have a quick question for Marcus? Tweet to him: @MarcusDaniels.