HIGHLINE Partners with Female Funders


by Lauren Robinson 12 months ago


HIGHLINE is excited to partner with Female Funders to help inspire the next generation of female angel investors. Female Funders launches today as an online destination dedicated to inspiring and educating the next generation of female angel investors. Female Funders is on a mission to empower 1000 women to make their first angel investment in the next 12 months.

Angel investment is becoming more accessible than ever before. Women around the world continue to climb the corporate ladder, gain financial independence and amass personal wealth at unprecedented rates and yet women still make up just 20% of angel investors, and 6% of deal making venture capitalists. By demystifying angel investment and by creating relatable role models Female Funders hopes to change this.

Did you know that most angel investors aren’t millionaires? That according to Virgin Entrepreneur, 44% of angels are under 45? Or that angel investments can start as small as $1000 on platforms like AngelList?

Angel investment is much more accessible than many believe.

Female Funders was created by a group of Toronto women who work in tech by day, and who moonlight as angel investors and aspiring angel investors by night. The project is led by HIGHLINE alum and founder of ShopLocket, Katherine Hague. A serial entrepreneur and angel investor herself, selling ShopLocket at the age of 23, Katherine’s journey would not have been possible without her first angel, a friend and fellow entrepreneur, Heather Payne.

It’s a story that might sound familiar if you’ve watched the Female Funders launch video.

The site launches with interviews featuring the who’s who of female angel investors in Canada and the US. From Female Funders creator Katherine Hague’s first investor, Heather Payne, to Joanne Wilson, Nanon de Gaspé Beaubien-Mattrick (Beehive Capital), Lally Rementilla (Coco Capital), Esther Dyson and Renee DiResta. The site is also home to Female Funders Radio, featuring conversations with industry experts like Bedy Yang (500 Startups), Millie Tadewaldt (AngelList) and Cyan Banister (Banister Capital) and Jason Mendelson (best-selling author behind Venture Deals).

In addition to in depth investor profiles, Female Funders will be following a number of women as they set out to make their first investment. Readers can follow aspiring angels like Rachel Ma, Toronto-based Creative Director in her early thirties and Nicole Verkindt, a 31 year old technology entrepreneur as they go through the investment process for the first time.

Other resources available on the site include a take action guide on how to get started as an angel investor, a jargon free glossary of investment terms, and a curated reading list of all the best angel investment resources and courses available online.

The first 1000 women to make their first angel investment will become part of the #FemaleFunders1000. To get behind the movement, supporters are encouraged to share the the Female Funders message with the hashtag #FemaleFunders1000. Posts are appearing in a live feed on the Female Funders Wall of Angels, which will also be updated with success stories throughout the year.

HIGHLINE’s CEO, Marcus Daniels will be joining the advisory board for the project. We’re excited to work with Katherine and the Female Funders community as they set out to help 1000 women make their first investment.

Visit Female Funders at http://www.femalefunders.com/ or follow Female Funders on Twitter @FemaleFunders to learn more.