Helping Canada's Premier Dev Bootcamp Expand Across Canada

by Bianca Bartz 1 year ago

Yesterday, HIGHLINE announced our national partnership with Lighthouse Labs, Canada’s leading development bootcamp, which teaches people how to code in eight weeks.

Lighthouse Labs plans to expand across the country this year, moving into HIGHLINE’s Toronto office in March, and launching part-time programs in Calgary starting in April. These two locations will supplement Lighthouse Labs’ original HQ in Vancouver, which is down the hall from HIGHLINE’s Gastown office.

“After seeing how seriously the Lighthouse Labs team takes computer programming education and their dedication to preparing students for jobs, our partnership became an obvious strategic alignment to form to accelerate growth nationally,” Marcus Daniels, HIGHLINE’s Founder and CEO told BetaKit. “Many HIGHLINE companies have hired Lighthouse Labs graduates and demand has increased given the exceptional results.”

Lighthouse Labs — whose number one rule is that “developers learn by doing” — offers intensive, hands-on curricula that teach students skills like Ruby on Rails, Javascript, HTML/CSS, popular APIs, software architecture, responsive design, test driven development, AngularJS, and Node.js. They start one Web bootcamp cohort each month, one iOS bootcamp cohort every two months, and one part-time Web Fundamentals cohort every six weeks.

Lighthouse Labs teachers include industry experts who are passionate about teaching, such as:

  • Khurram Virani, Lighthouse Labs’ Co-Founder and Senior Director of Education, and a Partner at Functional Imperative
  • Don Burks, Co-Founder and CIO of Nickler Technologies (he previously worked at and Microsoft)
  • Monica Olinescu (former Lead Software Engineer for Push Science)
  • Murat Ayfer, the lead system engineer at Quietly (previously at Invoke and A Thinking Ape)
  • Arvinder Kang, Founder of Pippal Labs (formerly a broadcast journalist and social rights activist)
  • Ian MacKinnon, Co-Founder of Latergram (formerly at SAP and Google)
  • Eli Hini, Founder of Venovis Inc

Lighthouse Labs also ensures one TA for every seven students to support them in their learning. These TAs have impressive backgrounds and a strong understanding of startup culture with development experience at companies like Mobify, Khan Academy, Contractually, as well as HIGHLINE portfolio companies Farm At Hand and Foodee.

The strong curriculum design, credible and passionate teachers, solid ties with local companies, and monthly employer-only events has led to an impressive 100% placement rate after students graduate. This includes paid co-ops.

“By placing students into 2-3 month long paid co-ops, the emphasis is established that they are still expected to learn and that the company is expected to provide mentorship,” Khurram Virani, Co-Founder of LightHouse Labs told BetaKit. “It’s why we have seen such success with companies hiring our students full-time.”

Lighthouse Labs connect with alumni

They also put on The HTML500, Canada’s largest learn to code event. When they launched the first event in 2014, they taught 500 people how to code in Vancouver. This year, the HTML 500 expanded to include Vancouver and Calgary in January, and London and Toronto in February, teaching a total of 2,000 people how to code — for free.

HTML 500