HIGHLINE August 2015 Update

News, Press & Upcoming Events

by Marcus Daniels 1 year ago

The HIGHLINE team has been working hard on several new initiatives involving funding partners, corporate innovators, and community instigators. Beyond the capability to write larger initial cheques, we’re bolstering our corporate and advisor network to open more doors faster for our portfolio companies.

A few weeks back we co-organized the first ever AcceleratorFestival at the International Startup Festival in Montreal and we’re now contributing more thought leadership into the ecosystem by helping to establish an industry-led accreditation program for Incubators and Accelerators in Canada.

Investment Performance Transparency

There isn’t enough transparency in the industry so we’re committed to start providing it on a regular basis.
Out of 59 investments:
  • 39 are active with our unrealized portfolio tracking at over 5.1x our initial investments
  • 6 have yielded meaningful exits in the millions each
  • 4 have returned capital better than your typical stock market investment
  • 10 have been nominally acqui-hired or had “old yeller moments” with most of the founders recycled back into the ecosystem rocking out at the next big thing
The portfolio has raised $88M in follow-on funding, created $180M equity value, and 78% have secured up-rounds since our investment. A solid foundational start with a 226% follow-on funding increase over the past 12 months.

Portfolio Funding Announcements

 Our startups continues to attract institutional follow-on capital and several are closing new rounds.
  • Procurify announced their $4M round including Point Nine Capital, Nexus VP and the BDC (TechCrunch)
  • ePACT was selected by the Federal Government for the Western Innovation (WINN) Initiative, and will receive almost $1 million in funding over the next year (Techvibes)
  • SilkStart‘s new funding shows it pays to listen to your customers (BetaKit)

In the Media

  • How Andela is Helping Africa Beat the World’s Developer Shortage (The Next Web)
  • FameBit delves into Original Content (Los Angeles Times)
  • Skift: Rafat Ali’s go long, go deep vertical strategy (Capital New York)
  • Marcus outlined Seven Surefire Ways To Mess Up Your VC Pitch and provided some advice in (The Globe & Mail)

Upcoming Community Initiatives 

Recently Toronto + Vancouver + Montreal made the top 20 in the Global Startup Ecosystem rankings. Decent growth, but at a slower rate than many other startup ecosystems. We strongly believe in curating and uniting the best that Canada in our community initiatives.So we are continuing to partner with organizations to accelerate current initiatives, co-create new ones, and remove unnecessary duplication. Everything from networking socials to investor showcases to accelerator programming.

  • We’re helping our friends at The Next Big Thing expand to Toronto
  • The UKTI Toronto & HIGHLINE Tech Summer Social on August 12 is sold out!
  • We’re giving away some GROW tickets if you can answer the following VC trivia. If you don’t win, you can still register for GROW in Whistler on August 19th using the special HIGHLINE discount code HL200
  • If you are a designer in Toronto, block off August 29th for a new initiative we’re launching this week with one of the top digital product shops in the country

Following the success of our TSX Technology Day in May, which highlighted some of the top up & coming startups in Canada, we have partnered with BCTIA & TSX to host another investor showcase during Vancouver Startup Week on September 24th.

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Hope to see you in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal in the upcoming weeks.