HIGHLINE 2015 Investment: Evercondo

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HIGHLINE has made a few significant investment into startups tackling real estate, a market heating up across Canada, but particularly in Toronto and Vancouver where HIGHLINE is headquartered. Joining real estate tech companies like SparkCRM and SpaceList is Evercondo, a tool to manage multi-person residential buildings, which we invested in early this year.

Evercondo is condo management software used by thousands of property managers and condo associations to communicate, manage, organize, measure and optimize their day-to-day operations. Among their tools are alerts for overdue tasks and requests from residents, and an analytics engine that extracts data from daily operational activities that are automatically captured through Evercondo’s Residents Portal.

Market Opportunity & Timing

Evercondo was co-founded by Grant Yim (CEO) and Adrian Teh (CTO) who recognized a need in the residential real estate market.

“Adrian, a condo board member, and I, a resident, had terrible experiences in condo communities,” Yim shared with us. “By investigating why the experience was so cumbersome and disjointed, we learned there is an opportunity to have property managers intelligently measure and improve their businesses, while also allowing residents added convenience and awareness of their properties.”

The Founders: Grant Yim & Adrian Teh

Grant has a background in law and startups, is a mentor for startups at McGill University, and is licensed to practice law in Quebec and Ontario. Adrian is a full-stack engineer and has experience building large-scale web products. Formerly a consultant, he is a graduate of Queensland University of Technology in Australia.

The HIGHLINE Connection

“We chose HIGHLINE because of its extensive network base,” Grant explains. “Also, its Pan-Canadian presence is extremely valuable as it offers Evercondo a direct channel to reach out to relevant markets for its business.

“Having known Marcus Daniels for a couple of years in the Toronto startup scene, we appreciate the transition from Extreme Startups to what HIGHLINE is today. In addition, one of the biggest challenges startups face is finding talent, and HIGHLINE has built a solid network that connects talented engineers and designers that can provide immediate impact to startups. We hope to leverage off of that.”

Moving Toward Their Seed Round

To further increase their footprint, the Evercondo team is in the process of experimenting with and implementing strategies for an inbound growth engine as they move toward closing their seed round this summer, which already has strong commitments from notable investors.

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