Granify Uses AI to Identify + Convert Shoppers Who Wouldn't Otherwise Purchase

by Bianca Bartz 1 year ago

HIGHLINE portfolio Granify is a SaaS solution that enables eCommerce companies to maximize sales through big data and machine-learning technologies. Based in Edmonton, AB, the startup is focused on converting site visitors into customers by monitoring 400+ attributes/second to monitor and predict user behaviour.

“If our Decision Engine identifies a specific shopper’s objection is likely to prevent them from purchasing, it will automatically introduce a message or stimuli to alleviate their concern & save you a sale –– while they’re still on your site,” Granify explains. “The entire process is automated. No additional time or effort required on your end. To make things simple, you only pay for performance.”

granify dashboard

The Co-Founders

Jeff Lawrence is the Co-Founder & CEO of Granify. Prior to Granify, he founded Bloro Games, one of the first companies to integrate social games on Facebook, as well as Precision Targeting, a predictive advertising technology company.

Granify’s other Co-Founder and Big Data Engineer is Shawn Wan. Before co-founding Granfiy, he developed and patented key technologies for Tynt, which was acquired by 33Across. Shawn has a PhD in Computer Science and extensive big data and machine learning expertise.

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