Are Canadian Tech Companies Ready to Embrace Bigger Ideas?

by 2 years ago

At the 2014 GROW conference in Whistler this September, our CEO Marcus Daniels spoke with Katherine Scarrow from The Globe & Mail on details of the HIGHLINE merger, how the landscape has evolved, and how we can better unify the Canadian tech landscape.

When Scarrow asked Daniels how HIGHLINE will differentiate from its predecessors GrowLab and Extreme Startups — and other accelerators in the country — he responded in detail:

“We’re moving away from a generic, singular, traditional cohort program that’s 12 weeks long and architecting what I call ‘acceleration products.’ (These) are specialized accelerator programs – different lengths with different core focuses. That’s a layer where we offer the most value, specifically with the success metric both GrowLab and Extreme Startups had over the years.

“Our core focus now is to find companies that have a product in-market and help them accelerate to get to the point of product-market fit.

“The model is to speed to institutional seed and the only way we’ll be able to fulfill that proposition is getting companies that are timed at the right points into a program so the peer learning is at the same level. You see a lot of these accelerators where one company’s still coding its (first version), while another company has already got an anchor customer – it’s hard to create that competitive, co-operative culture that really pushes hard, so that’s one of the core elements.

“The other advantage comes back to the geo-programming opportunities. We’re starting with two anchor cities, but we also have deeper connectivity to New York and San Francisco.”

Read Marcus’ full answer to this question — and ten other questions — in the three-page Q&A titled Are Canadian companies ready to embrace bigger ideas?.